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Picture book exhibition

In September, I will have the "Mes. Mermaid ” Picture Book Original Drawing Exhibition" at Hanamori Shorin book store in Motomachi, Kobe. 2021 9/17 (Friday) -9/27 (Monday) 13: 00-19: 00 (Last day-17:00) Tue / Wed holidays 

Mommy's work is hard everywhere in the world. She lives in a seaside apartment.  And her friend lives in the sea .....

I made picture books, T-shirts, and postcards to sell. I will deliver sea ​​breeze.
Note) She looks like when she was young
Note) She looks like when she was young

I'm drawing now

The beginning of this story is that a student of Kobe Children's College, where I am a part-time lecturer, received a splendid mermaid fish part created at a school festival. With this, anyone can become a mermaid of their dreams.

After appearing at several events, I also created an image T-shirt. Why don't you make a picture book ? from Kobe Art T-shirt who took care of my creation. 

I have a magic scribbled picture book for my child's storytelling, but I would like to make it even more luxurious and deliver it.

I will publish it at my own expense in the summer! (Because I have to declare it)

By the way, the image cover of the photo was when Mrs.Mermaid was young. The current Mrs.Mermaid is gaining  more weight.  2021/3 March Otake Naoko

I made a homepage.

The homepage of the small picture book studio "Shiofuri" has been created. I would like to make various announcements on this page. March 2021